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The Negev’s Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Support Center

About Maslan

Maslan – The Negev’s Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Support Center, is one of nine active crisis centers working in Israel. The organization is responsible for the entire Negev Region from Kyriat Gat to Eilat. Maslan, active since 1988, provides assistance, practical aid and emotional support to victims of sexual and domestic violence and their families.

In addition, the organization works in order to tackle the root of the problem through educational activities and publicity in order to foster social change. To break the silence, raise public awareness of the problems, and therefore reduce the levels of sexual and domestic violence within our society.

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Volunteer Appreciation Event

Volunteer Appreciation Event

Coffee hour lectures

Coffee hour lectures

Speaker: Asaf Puzilov, Journalist, Kan 11, Reshset B
Coffee hour lectures

Coffee hour lectures

Speaker: Orit Kamir, Researcher and Lecturer on the topics of law, gender and culture, head of the Israeli center for human dignity.

President's Award for Volunteerism
Tikun Olam (Jewish Social Justice) Award
Mayor’s Shield for Outstanding Volunteers and Organizations
Be’er Sheva Award for Young Volunteers

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